Sunday, July 10, 2011

Class of 2011

The Summer of '11 


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A whole new beginning

After 4months or so of hiatus I'm finally back at blogging :)

Been really busy at the first quarter of the year that I didn't even have time to rant and complain here. Dissertation had been an ass but it's part of student life and it would nt have been complete without that =p

And with a blink of an eye, I've stepped into the corporate world for close to a month. I was overwhelmed with mixed feelings about working and boyfriend says im prolly Too pampered. This transition frm being a student to a working adult is just so scary!

And now i am sitting at my desk, reading emails after emails. Waking up in the morning at 7.30am everyday is omg the worse part of working. It's like attending 9am lectures everyday. Gosh *backpain, neckpain etc etc waist line getting bigger also

And The value of money suddenly became so eminent to me. Scrimp and save every cent of it. Received my first pay recently and thought, how should I spend it? Financial independence is what boyfriend says we have. Haha but it seems I've more headache now thinking of how much to allocate to each component that forms my monthly expenditure. And limiting myself from online shopping is seriously like asking a smoker to stay away from cigarettes!

I'm missing my life badly. Impromptu JB trips, movies, baking and making ice cream in the middle of the day, going on unplanned holidays, impulss booking of airline ticket, MAMBO and the list goes on.... Now I'm too tired to even stay awake past 10pm!

All said, I have to grow up afterall, I'll just have to tell myself to remain optimistic everyday :) earn more $$$$ hehe and its all for an awesome future

A last bit of student life: Commencement here we come! July 6th 8pm :))

With happy butterflies in your tummy (:

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

CNY 2011

Wishing all Happy Rabbit Year! 

Huat ah! 

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Please, dont send me out to the workforce yet

it's the end of week 3 final semester and thank godness career fair ended! no more scratching head, thinking of what work clothes to wear. i've got limited work clothes so everything was kinda like repetitive.

NUS career fair was FUN! better than RE's. We attended talks pertaining to "how to secure ur dream job" (like that was possible?),  "Does look matter?" and a make up course for girls only of course.

I find the talk regarding to image quite interesting. The speaker even demo-ed to prove the point. 1 take away point, dress up in apt clothes that u're comfy in instead of following fashion trends.

Some tips which I found interesting

Tips #1 Always wear a light coloured long sleeve blouse and dark colored skirt/pants when u're going for an interview. 2 piece outfit will make u look more professional.

Tip #2 Always wear HEELS! yeah i knw some of us really hate to do so, that includes me. but first impression really counts. Heels that arent too high unless u're auditioning for something else. *ahem

Nv cross your legs, but instead shift ur legs to the side (like how Ann Hathaway was tot in Princess diaries if u remember). By crossing ur legs, u'll give the interviewers an impression that u're very atas, high class, arrogant.

Make up class was the highlight of the day becos we actually get to do hands on! hehe and experiment with the almost everything the brand carried. Majolica Majorca by Shiseido group. The teacher was really quite funny esp the way he spoke. haha Juicy Juicy so SEXY! haaha his catch phrase. Quite a good session for a make up noob like me. an unglam me in action. haha

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Final Semester Week 0

Lots of unhappiness even though 2011 has only embarked into it's first month . Right now, I think I knw how it feels, when he says he felt that he didnt think he made any close friends in his 4 yrs. Not to say, I dont, I have some. But I just wanna voice out how i feel about some people who are constantly seeking for people who r beneficial and will only be friends with you if u possess some form of benefits to reap, or are just useful? sigh. pushing responsibility around and coming up with plenty of excuses. left out means left out quit giving excuses. 

That aside, have been really busy trying to get all 3 modules secured. Final semester, yet I'm not able to get the modules I want, bidded till round 3B but still, 2 modules short. 

Modules Wish List: 
1. Topics of Urban Planning
2. Korean 1
3. New Media 1101E

Module outcome after 3 rounds of bidding, and only after appealing countless times and looking for teachers to plead for modules. I got this:

1. Topics of Urban Planning
2. New Media 1101E
3. Introduction to Computing. 

I cant believe I am even taking a computing module. It's simply unbelievable! I think I need all the luck I can have to score in this module. =P just gotta try at making websites and wearing those geeky specs and talk about hardwares and html? hmmmm....

Dissertation is such a bother, seriously. Recently, a good girlfriend of mine told me that her friend came up with lots of definition for the acronym FYP aka dissertation. haha some were kinda vulgar, so I guess I will not say it here, just in case. maybe after I received my grade for it, i'll let the cat out of the bag. So, I am having the hardest time getting started with my dissertation. Everyone's at it, even bf and kelly. sigh...i just find it soo difficult to focus on dissertation because i hate doing things i dislike. oh well, gotta face it, and get down to serious work (yeah right :| )

Career Fest will last 2 weeks, and we have to attend at least 4 sessions. The thought of having to work in less than 6 months is freaking me out. For now, I guess im not ready to go out into the work force. After this semester, it's working for LIFE. gosh, no more waking up at 1pm everyday, no more shopping/manicure/pedicure/tea/movie/jb in the DAY for LIFE. how's that! most people cant wait to stop school and work but i am the opposite, i dont want school to end!! 

but again i've got to face up to reality, attended 1 week of talks by real estate companies and concluded that im not ready. Most are looking for graduates with good academic results. 2nd lower good enough or not? Some provided really good incentives but i dont knw whether that's what I am looking for. oh well, 1 more week of career fest. I hope I'll be able to at least knw what kinda job i want. 

Thursday, January 13, 2011

shoes, you made my day


Monday, January 3, 2011